Best Ear Plugs For Sleeping With A Snorer

You will look great once you set these headphones around your neck. This one will be tough to beat on a level. As a guy that is mids and outspoken, it’s so uncommon to find something that technically’on-song’ and totally nailing my personal preference. The mids are the vocal and smooth easy on the ear. Click here 3M 1100 Earplugs, NRR 29 (the orange ones): They are somewhat smaller, but nevertheless seal my ear properly. Technically, SleepPhones aren’t earplugs, but they serve the exact same function. Our process stays the same as in 2017. We use a system so that the awards are determined by the greatest total score given at the moment. Because there are only one or two niggles that consistently hold it back but not super high scores have been given by us to FiiO amps over the years.

I found the smaller and slightly lighter NC1s not as constrictive and more comfortable to wear over the course of several hours of flying than the QC25s. There are numerous diverse ways. Recognizing this feature is somewhat more complex as some online vendors mislabel their own earbud because Noise-cancelling earbuds, but really they are passive sound canceling not Active Noise Cancelling (ANC). Like the QC35s, the Bose QC30 offers the best noise-canceling experience in its own form variable — in this scenario, in earbud (or neck bud) kind ) Long battery lifetime 16 hours gets the Bose QC 20 the longest available with integrated battery life. Bose has been the industry leader in noise cancellation for decades. The Quest rightly wins our pure DAC award for 2018 and invite the stars it is not even the DAC that is pure out there. The freshman Cascade from Campfire Audio is a market that is sound, confident and a fantastically sounding entry into the headphone that is portable.

Most Comfortable Noise Cancelling Headphones For Sleeping

You’re ready to download tracks help create a deeper more restful sleep and also that emphasize brain waves to slow. The Effect of Audio Janus is possible. If you want a rich sweet sounding midrange with a hint of euphony in your timbre that the Janus Dynamic is effective in delivering this. The emphasis here with the Janus Dynamic is nuanced and so more rewarding with a particular focus on worthy separation along with a timbre. Overall, the VOCE is up there with the remaining stats” crew” and an actually excellent alternative for those who want electrostatics, however, a far more natural or natural sound. The VOCE is a thing different in the realm of stats headphones and it poses a touch I think a lot of people will want to try as an alternative to the prevailing’stats sound’. It’s low sound perceptible for paints a neutral noise enough power for most portable cans and sensitive IEMs that matches nicely with a broad range of genres. It delivers a touch reminiscent of a caliber driver head multi-BA and energy.

The LCDi4’s special design, demonstration, and DSP pulls it above IEMs to some sort of super-tiny headset class but with a sound quality that is anything but super miniature. Here is the TOTL DAP to you in case you want without having to spend a cent beyond what is in the box, something that caters. The System would also alert the user of intrusions from another person. Winter has a similar philosophy toward cans whether you’re using these listen to music or white sound or to block out noises. In such a world, people wind up using many different aids to put themselves to dreamland. On bookmarking to publish the job when things in life get tough shoot. This lightweight 4 season sleeping bag is called that since it is literally perfect for practically any sort of weather, so it can be taken by you to a camping expedition, a trip, or away in your hiking experiences.

We believed it would have an enormous work or something off the hook as our top-scoring build quality to replace the Luthier layout. You know he is highly respective of art with wood, then which goes into the design if you know Mike. The Layla Luthier variant is the eye candy of the highest order and also the best design I have seen in the past few years we’ve been conducting this website. This All is nothing without no surprise and a quality functionality that the Layla may do that. The radio Acoustic Sheep permit you to enjoy quality sounds at an affordable cost. The Q5 is a wireless and wired option for people who want to hang on their current sources. I read what we’ve got to say first want to thank all of the readers and commenters who’ve seen our site and enjoyed our testimonials.

How To Sleep With Headphones On

Heavy draperies assist in the exact same style, so do especially made acoustic panels. The wireless Acoustic Sheep Sleeping headphones permit you to enjoy quality noises at a relatively inexpensive price. Most in-ear phones aren’t acceptable for side sleepers, but I have discovered comfortable earbuds which are entirely contained in the ear so that they apply no pressure during sleep. Click hereAlthough excess weight does not automatically permit you to store longer, additional fat around your throat may place extra strain on the airways, which causes snoring. When you are annoyed your airways relax and slim, which affects stress in your airways and causes the tissue to vibrate.

They’re fantastic for muffling the noise as you’re sleeping. Even though the majority of the sleeping cans might not provide such high-quality audio as their number one priority is Comfortability, nevertheless, there are those that we said, those supply exceptional audio quality and comfort. On the flip side, the audio quality with the standard over-the-ear headset is unmatched. I came across those wireless headphones which are extremely reasonable and today I really don’t watch TV with anything aside from a set of Sennheiser RS 130 Wireless Surround Sound Headphones. Prolonged use of cans is connected with learning and earring troubles, necrosis, ear infections, and Tinnitus amongst other people. Colors to avoid when designing a sleeping area include yellow, which may boost anger and irritability, and crimson, which is frequently related to enthusiasm, power and powerful emotion. It is a simple reality — a few bedroom colors are more calming than many others.

Attempt them out if your nasal passages feel congested.

If your bedroom was not equipped with sleep specifically in mind, these simple fixes could allow it to be better for resting. This really is as good as it is when it comes to reducing noise in your bedroom. Snoring might be embarrassing and seem terrible, but it might also be a sign of serious health issues. Attempt to drink 10 glasses of water or some other drink that does not contain caffeine stop your self from snoring. Do keep in mind, however, you ought to avoid nasal strips in case you’re diagnosed with sleep apnea. By the time I got them, I’ve used them more. If you think your ears have become accustomed to loud sounds, then you could have already suffered damage to your hearing loss.

For years, people are turning up the volume in their songs to intense amounts, frequently not because they really prefer it on the level, though, a few do. Having said this, the kind of music you’re listening to is again the key. The remedy is quite easy: use a set of earplugs. Additionally, each set of buds includes a charging case which equips them with as much as 16 hours of unplugged battery lifetime. Consider limiting additional alcohol and food intake around three hours before mattress to reduce snoring. Consider using essential oils to get tiny snore-reducing aromatherapy. Placing a humidifier in your area, using a vapor a neti pot can help you to clean your nose out whenever you’ve got a cold, and stop your snoring. A clogged or blocked nose may be contributing to a snoring issue. Fantastic hydration may diminish snoring.

That means that you may try them without danger. If you’re bothered by a spouse with a snoring problem, consider going to bed sooner than they can do so you have an opportunity of sleeping during their nighttime sounds. In reality, some scientists consider the incorrect wall color can actually increase your blood pressure, increase your metabolism or strain your mind. Textiles — Wall artwork, like quilts or tapestries, will help absorb sound until it reaches your ears. But everybody’s ears are affected otherwise. So on this note, this really is outside professionally crafted a record of the most effective white noise machines which are now in the marketplace. A fantastic tip for those that have allergies in addition to snoring is that it is ideal for them to prevent antihistamines before bedtime. Macks Hearing has made the Dreamgirl Soft Foam Ear Plugs and also the Slimfit Soft Foam Ear Plugs particularly for Individuals with smaller ear canals in mind. Nasal strips are demonstrated to eliminate snoring in certain individuals. In an individual that’s dehydrated, the sinus passage secretions are thicker, so that they have the capability to obstruct the airways and increase snoring.

The world’s top microphone headset label – AKG

AKG, full name in German: (Akustische und Kino-Gerate Gesellschaft m.b.H) is an Austrian vocal equipment manufacturer, the main products include microphones, headphones, wireless audio equipment. AKG’s most prestigious products in professional audio are professional headphones and microphones. It is also known as the world’s four major headphones brands with Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, and Grado.

In 1947, Dr. Rudolf Goerike and Ernst Pless founded AKG’s Akustische und Kino-Geraete, which means sound and film equipment. As its name suggests, the company’s initial business was to develop and manufacture sound effects equipment such as photographs and loudspeakers for institutions such as cinemas. In the same year, the two also produced the company’s first microphone C1, but only six were produced throughout the year. Click here Two years later, based on this product, the epoch-making C12 tube microphone was born. Its first users include the famous BBC radio station, which is still in production today because of its excellent performance.

In 1945, after World War II, Vienna was occupied by the Allies, and the war almost destroyed Vienna. As the reconstruction began, history opened a new page. The two virtuous Viennese met again. They had some cooperation before the war. At this time they had the same idea: people need to go to the cinema to forget the troubles of life. But most of the cinemas in Vienna have been destroyed in the war, and the good equipment is hard to find. “That, let’s do something together.” They are Dr. Rudolf Goerike and Ing. Ernst Pless.

In 1945, Dr. Rudolf Goerike and Ing. Ernst Pless founded a company in Vienna that produced film equipment and speakers, called “Photophot”, and in 1946 launched the first dynamic microphone series Dyn60. The following year, “Photophon” or “Phonophat” was founded with five employees and the “headquarters” was located in a basement on the outskirts of Vienna. At this time many companies have similar names, so the founders then chose the name “Akustische U Kino-Gerate” (Acoustic and Film Equipment), which is abbreviated as “AKG”. At the beginning of 1949, AKG’s first microphone D10 entered the radio, theater and jazz club. This is the first of AKG’s dynamic microphones, all handmade, very beautiful, it is already a very expensive collection. In 1949, AKG’s first professional dynamic headphones came out. This is the K120Dyn. The K120Dyn is a typical headphone image of that era, a cylindrical metal case, a rubber ear pad, and a thin, rotatable headband. Limited by the conditions at the time, the output of this headset is very small, but today, more than half a century later, this is a milestone in the history of AKG’s development. Since then, AKG has occupied a place in the field of professional headphones and has been developed to today, becoming a world-class professional manufacturer of professional headphones.

In 1949, the first type of earphone K120 was developed. In the 1950s, AKG made a new breakthrough in microphone technology and developed a mobile voice coil transducer and a large load of vibration film to improve the low-frequency performance of the microphone. Based on this, the D12 microphone was introduced in 1953, which is the world’s first heart-shaped pointing dynamic microphone. With the expansion of business, AKG has also begun to enter the international market. In 1955, its first overseas branch was established in Germany. AKG also sold its products to Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America. In the 1950s, AKG developed standard studio equipment with great success, such as the portable BX10 microphone and the mixing microphone DX11.

In 1959, the K50 was born. It is the world’s first open-ear earphone. The shape is very small, the sound quality is good at the time, so it quickly became a hot product.

After the 1960s, AKG gained more and more recognition for its excellent quality. Many AKG cinema audio equipment was used in the 1964 Winter Olympics. Due to the emergence and development of television sets, AKG decided to abandon cinema equipment in 1965 to produce audio facilities for personal use, and the company name changed to AKG Acoustics. The representative works of this period are like the world’s first two-channel heart-shaped microphones D202 and D224. In the late 1960s, AKG continued to expand in Europe. In the past 68 years, Switzerland and the UK branch were established. In 1970, its revenue reached An unprecedented 200 million Austrian shillings.

In 1969, AKG made persistent efforts to introduce the K180, a headset called SCC (Subjective Controlled Sound) that allows for subjective control of sound. This earphone can adjust its sounding unit by adjusting the bolt, so that the sound field can be freely adjusted, allowing the listener to choose the “position in the concert hall”. And its retro appearance, let people wear like a pilot, still many people still remember.

In 1977, Prius, one of the founders of the company, left AKG and joined his father’s plastics company. After that, the organizational structure of Ai Technology has changed, and companies such as Philips have begun to invest in Love Technology. In the same year, the company had 800 employees and it can produce 20,000 microphones per week. In 1984, Aitech entered the Vienna stock market and sold it to the public. The founder of the company, Dr. Rudolf, holds about a quarter of the shares, and the remaining shares are usually held by banks or other financial institutions. AKG began to enter the US market in the mid-1980s, and in 1985 it established its branch in the United States. In the early 1990s, the company’s performance declined, and in 1992, it lost money for the first time. In the mid-1990s, the company changed its previous high-priced route and began to introduce low-cost sound equipment. At the beginning of the 21st century, the company began to open up an emerging market for cheap home recording equipment. The expansion of its product line has also transformed Ai’s production model. One-tenth of its products were manufactured by other manufacturers in 1997, and by the year 2000, it had become 45%.

In 1978, another classic AKG K340 was launched. Since the surface of its dynamic unit is coated with a layer of 20μm thick gold, the diaphragm is very rigid and does not produce segmentation distortion. At the same time, the K340 is also used from the diaphragm system: below the 200Hz, the diaphragm is closed, the low frequency is full, and it can be dive to 16Hz; the 200Hz is open from the diaphragm, so that the upper part of the low frequency can be naturally improved and a good sense of space is obtained. The sound of the K340 is the traditional sound base of AKG. The biggest advantage is the perfect mid-range, moist and warm, without a glitch. In 1993, the K340 was discontinued, but now it is still seen in some second-hand markets.

Since its founding in the music town of Austria in 1947, AKG has more than 1,400 patented technologies to date. With its largest, most complete and most efficient laboratory, AKG is committed to providing the purest, The most natural sound quality microphone and headphones. AKG microphones and headphones have expanded from music studios and performance stages to consumers, newsrooms, Hollywood film studios, and even outer space.

AKG microphones and headphones have made a great contribution to the successful global tour of the world’s most famous musicians and the professional recording of the studio. Quincy Jones, the legend of the music industry, used AKG equipment to produce his most famous albums and recordings, including the “We Are the World” in the 1980s. In 2010, Quincy Jones teamed up with Harman to launch the signature series of AKG headphones. In January 2010, Harman’s AKG brand won the prestigious Art Prize and won the Technical Grammy Award at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. AKG’s commitment to innovation and excellence in product design and R&D, as well as its contribution to music recording, performance art, and sound science, has been recognized by Grammy.

In 1989, AKG released the Hi-End flagship K1000, which AKG called the “Head Speaker System” – a headphone system.

The K1000 is a headset that is completely open without earmuffs. Its charm has conquered the hearts of hundreds of millions of enthusiasts and sound engineers. This is by no means a rumor. Until today, it is still one of the best dynamic headphones, and it is rarely a few dynamic headphones that can compete with high-end electrostatic headphones.

AKG, a well-known headset manufacturer of the HARMAN Group, released two heavyweight products, K3003 and K550, on September 1, 2011, in Los Angeles and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Among them, people’s attention to the K3003 is almost crazy, because according to the official introduction, the K3003 will be a flagship earphone specially designed for “crazy enthusiasts.” Moreover, the price of this earplug is as high as 12,000 yuan, even exceeding the price of custom earplugs, and it is also a masterpiece of AKG subverting the traditional earphone market.

Like any successful brand, AKG headphones have their own characteristics.

First, the structure, AKG headphones use an adaptive headband and suspension drive, lightweight, can adapt to different people’s head shape makes the headset easy to use, comfortable to wear.

Second, in terms of technology, AKG’s earphone technology is stable and durable, and it is rare to hear useful homes complaining that AKG’s headphones are prone to small problems or short life. (except K540)

Third, in terms of sound, AKG’s earphones are best at playing classical music. The sound of the deep classical complex, the fragrant classical atmosphere is not available in other headphones brands, which grows in Vienna with AKG designers. This music is not unrelated. The rich experience of live listening, recording experience and appreciation of classical music by the older generation of designers is unmatched by the younger generation. The IFG headphones’ IF and sound fields are two prominent aspects: the IF playback is almost impeccable, with good resolution and small dynamic playback, and the playback vocals have a unique charm; the sound field of the AKG headphones has always been a human Weighed: wide, accurate, clear and stable. Fortunately, not only high-end AKG headphones have the above advantages, but also low-end products such as K55, K66, K70, K100, and K450. These advantages are only a difference.

Fourth, the design is more elegant and artistic. The appearance of AKG professional headphones is simple and muscular. HIFI headphones adopt different designs according to their different sounds. For example, K501 is a good choice for playing classical music. The appearance is gray-based, decorated with gold, noble and elegant. The K401 is designed for pop music and is finished in black with silver. For the more fashionable low-end headphones, such as the K70-based K70PC and Funline series, the color shell is used. The wireless headphones are different in color and shape, which caters to the young people’s desire for new beauty. AKG’s packaging design is also good, simple and unified, the color is used properly, the packaging of KX01 series headphones is a masterpiece.

Today, AKG is known as the “Armani” of the audio industry and is known worldwide for its master industrial technology and deep musical heritage. According to the American Billboard magazine, 90% of the world’s recording studios are using AKG’s professional headphones and microphones; the National Theatre and the National Concert Hall have designated AKG’s professional equipment; since 2003, all BENZ models have used AKG products. Today, AKG has become a professional brand standing on the top of the world’s top headphones with its own efforts and unremitting pursuit of HIFI spirit.

The world’s top ten headphones brand

1. Sennheiser

Founded in 1945, Sennheiser is a German audio equipment manufacturer whose products include headphones and microphones. Offering a variety of headphones for different types of people, it is one of the most popular brands in the world.

Singing stars, record production experts, musicians and gamers all have an understanding of Sennheiser, which is a testament to the company’s unparalleled quality of headphones. From low-end headphones to high-end headphones, Sennheiser consistently maintains quality and ensures that customers always receive money value.

2, Audio-Technica

One of the world’s top audio equipment manufacturers, founded by Matsushita Hideo in 1962, making it one of the relatively young brands on the list. This is an award-winning company with impressive achievements in the field of headphones.

Audio-Technica has developed mid- to high-end headphones for different consumer groups. This Japanese company is committed to providing the best and most comfortable sound quality for professionals and consumers.

Among the many Audio-Technica product reviews, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is recognized as the most worth buying.

3, Beyerdynamic

Founded in Berlin, Germany in 1942, it specializes in a variety of headphones, including high-fidelity headphones, in-ear headphones, studio headphones, and mobile headphones.

Beyerdynamic offers professional and personal headphones, and the DT 770 Pro is the most recommended in the purchase evaluation. But all Beyerdynamic headphones have the excellent sound quality, which also makes it a reason for its expensive price.

4, Shure

It was founded in 1925 by Sidney Shure in Chicago, Illinois. However, in 2009, it began to get involved in in-ear headphones, but among many brands, Shure is the most popular brand, and its high-quality sound can easily touch you. Purchase desire.

Shure is one of the best in the industry in terms of sound quality, making it a popular choice for music lovers. However, this 92-year-old brand is also one of the most expensive brands, and some of the in-ear headphones models easily exceed $100. But with Shure, you can definitely get the price you pay.

5. Goethe

A US-based audio equipment manufacturer based in Brooklyn, New York, founded in 1953 by watchmaker Joseph Grado, is known for producing high-end headphones, but they also have headphones that are relatively inexpensive.

This company is very strange, many large companies will make a big contribution to the promotion of the budget, and they are different, they are using word of mouth marketing.

6, Bose

Founded in 1964 by Amar Bose, it is one of the first brands people think of when talking about top-quality or expensive headphones. There is no doubt that Bose’s products are so expensive that many consumers don’t even dare to pick up the box with the “Bose”.

However, with its valuable strength, Bose is highly regarded for noise-reducing headphones, making the company the preferred brand in the aviation or aerospace industry. Among them, Bose QuietComfort 35 is one of the three major noise-reducing headphones recognized on the market.

7, AKG

Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, AKG is a professional and personal audio equipment manufacturer. South Korean electronics giant Samsung acquired AKG’s parent company Harman in 2016, which is now owned by Samsung.

Known for producing state-of-the-art open headphones, AKG has a wide range of headphones from budget-friendly to empty wallets. Currently, AKG K702 is considered to be the best product.

8, Sony

Founded in 1946, it offers a variety of headphones, many of which are affordable, but under the leadership of models such as the MDR7506 and Sony MDRZX110, many enthusiasts are fascinated. Sony, which has achieved excellent results in sound quality, is different from the top ten headphone brands in this article. It does not give up affordable fashion headphones, you can see many Sony headphones products.

9, Panasonic

 Established in Osaka, Japan in 1918, it is one of the largest electronics manufacturing companies in the world. It is a major competitor of other Japanese companies in the same business as Sony and Toshiba.

Panasonic is not the most popular brand in headphones, and most people don’t even mention it. Panasonic is known for producing high quality and reasonably priced in-ear headphones that typically have a variety of looks to appeal to more consumers. The RP-HTX7 model is arguably the best representative of the company in the earmuff category, with seven different colors.

10. Philips

An easy-to-recognized brand, founded in 1891 by father and son Frederik and Gerard Philips, Philips is a Dutch company known for producing innovative and breakthrough electronics. People don’t immediately think about Philips when they talk about headphones, mainly because they are more representative of home appliances and lighting.

Philips prefers to keep it simple and more focused on functionality than style. The Dutch company offers a range of products for enthusiasts and non-fans. The most popular and cost-effective is the Philips SHP9500.

Denon C620R In-Ear Headphones Experience Evaluation Report

Denon is a brand owned by the famous HiFi audio brand Marantz in Japan. The positioning of the products and the products of Marantz do not seem to be much different. They are all in the mid-to-high-end market. Denon’s audio products have a certain weight in the eyes of the older generation of enthusiasts. Although it seems to be tepid (especially headphones) in China, it is absolutely impossible to deny the strength of the brand.

Denon’s headset products are not too many, but you can still see them at some airport convenience stores or digital stores, from the lowest end of more than one hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, and its AH- The MM400 headset has a lot of fame, of course, this is not a test, but a product that is not too expensive (relative) – C620R.

01. Packaging and accessories

Denon looks a bit retro in the design of the headphone box, but it has a certain continuity with the packaging design of other products. Of course, considering the box of the C620R sold in the store, the ring is also designed. The size of the box is medium to large, it is very heavy in the hand, and it is the design of the magnetic flip cover, even if you do not open the box, you can see the headphones placed inside.

The C620R’s packaging box is all made of carton. The magic is that there is a plastic magnetic strip inside the ring, and there is also a patch coil at the bottom of the inner layer of the box. It is suspected to be used for anti-counterfeiting and anti-lost in the mall. There is nothing to do with the NFC-enabled cell phone scanning coil, which is a magical place for the C620R package.

After opening the box, the earphones are wrapped around a huge rubber winder, which is wrapped in a very thick cushioning sponge. The lower ear sponge is placed with the spare earbuds and accessories for the earphone. The design of the box gives a high-end and professional feel. Although it doesn’t look good, it does match the image of Denon.

The C620R has not many accessories, two manuals, a plastic clip, a ComplyTM earbud, four different sizes of silicone sleeves, and a large rubber winder. This rubber winder seems to be able to store the earphones well, but the process of taking it is very inconvenient, so it is still recommended to use the C620R with a storage bag.

02. Appearance and workmanship

If you’ve seen Denon’s other in-ear headphones, it’s not hard to find that they still have some of the same design languages in the design, such as the large-area plastic case and metal material embellishment, it seems a bit “retro” Wire handle. In fact, the design of the C620R is somewhat aesthetically pleasing, and girls will never like the appearance of the C620R that looks somewhat “aged”.

The C620R uses plastic as the main material for the cavity. Even Sony does not like to use plastic as the earphone casing today. Denon still prefers this. The appearance of the C620R is actually more eye-catching, but the design of the punching and bending prevention of the wire handle is rarely seen at present, and it is easy to give a feeling of “re-reading machine” headphones.

The C620R is also designed to be worn in a slant-in-ear style, and the C-sleeve has been installed on the body. The C620R comes in two colors, silver black, and silver in our hands. The three-piece housing of the plastic front cavity + metal back cavity looks a bit less refined in appearance, and it is true.

We have seen a lot of harmonious and unified products designed with metal casing + plastic casing, but the C620R seems to sing a reverse tone, not only to create a sense of division between the metal part and the plastic part in the design but also to make the gap The thief is thick, so even if the C620R works well, it is difficult to give a feeling that looks very beautiful.

However, the design of the rear end of the C620R cavity is really easy, because this part of the metal case is not in contact with the skin under normal wearing conditions, so the benefit is that if you play the phone while charging, or directly plug in the computer, if you The front-end equipment is not grounded, so it will not bring about leakage of the ear. After all, many users are not aware of the front-end equipment problem. As long as there is leakage, let the earphone back.

The LOGO of the earphone is located in the middle of the rear of the cavity. Although the area is very small, the CD concentric circle and high-light chamfer are still made in the middle part of the rear end. The processing is very fine. These details are easy to make you feel good. The metal back cavity uses the effect of polished + brushed glossy finish.

In fact, the details of the C620R work is very good, even if there are some exposed mold lines, it is very flat. And in the wire control part of the earphone, an embossed pattern similar to the knurling is also made to enhance the hand feeling. As we said before, the C620R is hard to give you a sense of exquisiteness. We think that the biggest reason is that it has too many cavities and still has a large gap.

We are also very puzzled. Nowadays, earphone products are all facing a higher precision casing. The smaller gap is the development direction of good workmanship, but you can’t see much effect in the C620R. The gap between the cavities can definitely be After a period of use, it has to be contaminated, but you have to admit that the C620R does not have the common work problems such as raw edges and uneven gaps.

The C620R’s catheter is short and thick, so even if it is used with the C set, it needs a slightly larger diameter model, and the C620R itself has a larger silicone sleeve, so the C620R does not seem to have the usual oblique in-ear headphones. Comfortable, of course, it won’t look very good.

The C620R provides an MFi-certified three-button remote control MIC. It can be used to switch songs and adjust the volume on the iPhone. However, this function may not work on some Android machines, but fortunately, although the C620R is a national product, the line order is still There is no need to worry about the American standard. In addition, the wire-controlled outer casing is not made of metal but is made of plastic material. However, the workmanship and fineness are very high, but it is not known whether there is a hidden danger of falling paint.

Perhaps the most dissatisfied is the C620R wire. The C620R wire is very soft and has no elasticity, but it is easy to wind and flat. Perhaps because of the thinner core, there is a slight gap between the wire sheath and the core, resulting in a lot of wrinkles in the C620R wire portion that is placed in the winder for a long time.

Since this is a headset sent by a fan, we have not tried to see if it can make the wire flatter, but from the feel and the line with the gap, we can see that the C620R wire is not so strong, good. A rubber + metal splitter card is designed, and a very stable slider is also designed at the end. The slider is useless in the C620R, but it can protect the wire.

3. Sound performance

The C620R is not the earphone of the top model of the Denon, but its sound has a good reputation on the Internet, but this plug is still somewhat niche. As a Japanese brand of headphones, the C620R is not a small gold standard, which is somewhat surprising, but these do not affect our sound evaluation of it.

The C620R uses an 11.5mm moving coil unit. This size unit does not seem to be common in in-ear headphones. The parameters look friendly, the impedance is only 16Ω, and the sensitivity is 110dB/mW. It is not a problem at all.

Listening and style impression: In fact, most of the C620R sound performance descriptions are based on the use of C sets, and like its “big brother”, C620R is given the “box smell” evaluation, in fact, “box “Meat” does exist, that is, the earphone can create a relatively wide and regular sound field and a good low-frequency dive, then it gets a little “box smell” feeling, of course, everyone’s understanding of this concept is slightly There are different.

The sound of the C620R is not balanced, its low-frequency sense is large, and it has a strong sense of power. Although the low-frequency sense is too large, it does not cover the details of the mid-high frequency part. Therefore, after listening to the C620R, you will not feel that this earphone will be confused and stuffy, but it has a certain sense of transparency. If used in conjunction with the C set, the sense of low frequency will be more full, the high frequency will be more convergent, and the sense of hearing will show a more intense feeling.

In terms of sound style, the C620R has obvious habits of thin mid-high frequency that Japanese manufacturers like to match with a relatively large amount of low-frequency habits. Of course, compared with the style that domestic manufacturers like, the C620R sound is indeed a “niche.”

It is true that the sound field performance of the C620R gives us a good impression. It is also rare at present. In the case of ensuring a wide lateral direction, the longitudinal direction is not excessively squeezed, resulting in a relatively regular sound field performance, compared to H297. The vertical sound field performance of TFZ KING II is not as natural as the C620R, and the ST08 featuring the “big sound field” does not sound as natural as the C620R. Even when listening to some large classical music, the C620R can bring good results. The positioning of the instrument.

High frequency: The high-frequency performance of C620R is tough and crisp, and when using the original large diameter silicone sleeve, the high-frequency part is more sensitive than the C set, so it will be certain in the performance of some female songs. Tooth sound. Compared with the high-frequency ductility of Philips S2, the C620R’s high-frequency to very high-frequency ductility does not appear so natural, and slightly irritating, and there is a certain burr. After trying to replace the common small-caliber bullet-type earplug sleeve to weaken the high-frequency, the high-frequency part converges a lot, and the listening feeling is better.

IF: The C620R’s mid-range sound is clean, with good resolution and sound density. The purity of the intermediate frequency is cleaner than that of the H297 and ST08. Many people care about the low frequency and thus affect the medium and high-frequency performance. The C620R does not exist. Instead, we think that the IF part is the C520R.

Low frequency: The low-frequency performance is a very characteristic part of the C620R, because the low frequency of the C620R is really not small, although it is still not up to the point (almost), this has a higher low-frequency density. And the low frequency of power is one of its advantages and a disadvantage. If you listen carefully, you will find that the low frequency of the C620R is slightly stiffer. The low-frequency cohesion and density are excellent in dynamic headphones, even slightly similar to the low-frequency of some moving iron headphones, but the difference in size.

Summary: The C620R shows us the Tuning aesthetic style of the manufacturer. Its overall sound quality is not bad, but the sound style seems a bit “personal” because it is difficult to find too much in common with other headphones on the C620R. And similarities, especially its low-frequency performance.

Advantages: good sound quality, good wearing comfort, with C sets, excellent vocal performance.

Disadvantages: high-frequency quality in general, wire work in general, details work in general.